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Month: March, 2014

Mario Badescu: Update

So a short while back, I talked about how I was trying Mario Badescu products. These are my reviews.

Cleanser: The acne cleanser has been amazing to my skin. It’s a gel-like cleanser and it works so much better with my cleansing brush. I HIGHLY recommend it.

Moisturizer: The oil-free moisturizer is a fairly thick one. It smoothes on well, but is pretty standard. If you use something you really love, don’t switch over to this for the sake of consistency.

Toner: The Special Cucumber Lotion is amazing. The smell takes a second to get used to, but it feels amazing and has been such a help to my skin. If you buy any one item from this line, this is it.

Night Cream: I have the seaweed one, and yes, the smell is a tough one to get used to. It’s a great night cream though, especially for the dry winter months.

Eye Gel: The eye gel is not my favorite. It makes my eyes feel too tight the next morning. Sad about this one, I had so much hope for it, especially because it feels great if you refrigerate it before use, which also helps with de-puffing.

Facial Mist: The rosewater facial mist is the most amazing skin pick-me-up ever. It’s alcohol free, so it isn’t drying and at $7, it beats a lot of high-priced items.

What are your faves from this line?




I’m a bit obsessed with finding my signature scent. Then I came across Pinrose. The premise is to take a small quiz and to get a few sample ideas, which are sent to you for FREE. Yes, FREE.

You test them out and then you can buy the bottle or bottles that you like best. And, how cute is the packaging?!


The scents come as little wipes drenched in fragrance and are perfect for on-the-go. The little booklet has a description of the scent along with the song and drink they match. If you want to test them all, it’s only $5!

Have you tried this before? What are your favorites?

Mini Beauty Haul

Hi everyone!


I took a trip to Ulta for a few essentials–mainly my Maybelline powder because they’re alway out at Target, the Nivea lip balm that, again, they no longer have at Target, and the L’Oreal Butterfly Lashes mascara. I’m really behind on that one.

As usual, I left with a few things I had zero intention of buying.

So. This is the fun part where I share my thoughts on the items I’ve never tried before.

Let’s start with the mascara. It looks stunning on both of my sisters, but I was initially wary because of the plastic want. It’s alright, but I’m not super fond of it because it doesn’t stand alone. I need another mascara to add a bit of volume. On the other hand, I really love my new Estée Lauder mascara. I got it in a gift bag at an event last month. I’m obsessed. It’s main goal is volume but it gives both length and volume with a standard bristled brush. I’m so old fashioned, I like those brushes much better and the wiper on this tube is perfect as well.


Ok, next, the Almay CC cream. I usually use the Revlon BB cream, but I really like the consistency of this formula as well. It has fairly light coverage, which is to be expected, but gives just enough for me to be comfortable leaving the house for errands or yoga.

The matte lip creams. These are perfect and wonderful and amazing. I have SO many. But I came across these two perfect shades that I desperately needed. The rich, deep color is called Copenhagen and the pale color is called Cairo. Both look gorgeous on.

Last but not least is the matte lip crayon from Revlon in Mischievous. It’s orange, it’s spring-y, and it’s amazing.

Do you use any of these products? What do you love?

March Ipsy Bag!

I know, I know. February got skipped. It’s ok, because I’m super thrilled about the contents of this bag. A berry hued Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie lipstick, a shocking blue felt-tip liner, a Pixi primer, and a NYX Love in Rio eyeshadow palette graced my March bag. The primer and palette are already loves of mine, but only time will tell how I feel about the liner/lipstick.