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Skincare Stickers? Yes.

2014-04-18 16.57.19


I’m reluctant to try out there products. I love testing varieties of new skin care products, but the idea of stickers really freaked me out. I ordered these from a Korean beauty site. After asking around, reading reviews, and a lot of thought, I decided to give them a try.


So the magical day came when the stickers arrived. All you do is apply them to any blemishes. At first, I didn’t think they were helping much, but eventually (after a week or so) I did notice a bit of a change. Maybe it’s just because these kept me from picking at my face (yeah, gross, I know). Also, they remain adhered all day or night. Another plus? They’re practically invisible. I wore them to my eyebrow appointment and the tech had no idea.


Overall, I like them. I want to give them more time to see if they actually help improve spots over time.


Have you ever tried these? Do you have a spot treatment you love?


To Purchase or Not to Purchase?

Has anyone tried this product? I’ve heard mixed reviews and am wondering if it will be worth it.

Short skin breakdown: I have relatively oily skin (more combination in winter) and am currently fighting acne/the dark spots that’ve stayed behind.

Good Girl Gone Bad(escu)

Mario Badescu, esabak


I’m going to first apologize for my less than amazing quality photos. This is where I’m at with my photo-taking skills at the moment, I’m sure I’ll get better as I go along.

Now that that’s over with, on to my newfound love: Mario Badescu products.

I’ve heard tons of buzz about the Special Cucumber Lotion, and after trying it out this summer courtesy of my aunt, I was hooked. I’ve decided to play around with items from the line to see if they’re as fantastic for my skin as the toner. So, I popped in to the store and grabbed whatever caught my eye. I went for minis for the Enzyme Cleanser and Oil Free Moisturizer in case I’m not fond. The Special Cucumber Lotion (and yes, the “special” is necessary, there is another cucumber lotion in the line) is already a favorite so I got a large size of that and of the Rose Facial Mist because it was super inexpensive and I feel like you can’t go wrong with it.

Once I get a better feel for the line, I’ll put a review or two up. I think I might go for the Acne line next, just to keep my skin in check. Hopefully everything is as amazing as the toner. I’m hoping to be devoted to this brand for a long time!

Do you have a favorite Mario Badescu product?

Xo, Elise